Double dip

woke up sore from lulu yoga yesterday morning — not sure if good workout or just temporarily unfit

AM – diving

woke up at 5am to drive down to Pt Lobos. It was misting onto the car. It was so cold. I was dreading getting colder, but I was wearing way more neoprene this time and my feet were only slightly asleep. Dove with 14lbs and a steel tank. First dive I was all over the place, much better control the second time. Only dove to 40 ft. Saw white and yellow nudibranchs, some giant starfish and fish, fluorescently blue “sea lettuce” (my words), orange brittle stars (I think), sponges, anenomes, purple sea urchins…


PM – surfing

drove up to santa cruz, got in the water maybe 4, 4:30pm, maybe tide at 4 ft but it was pretty high, surf all the way up to the bottom of the staircase. caught a couple long rides but also totally got in other people’s way… first thing i did getting into the water was to try to cool down the wax on my board as a wave came in, which ended with the wave knocking me over and then the board knocking me under the chin #kook4life. Also thought I was prepared with board, leash, suit, wax, recognition that I didn’t have a wax comb, but I forgot fresh water to wash my board off, and forgot that my non-waterproof key couldn’t be put in my nonexistant wetsuit pocket. So I wrapped it in plastic and stuck it by my ribcage. Actually worked perfectly.


here is where I’d post a glamour shot of my abs if the female body weren’t objectified/sexualized

Been doing yoga/megaformer pretty regularly since maybe September, with a recent bump over the last month which in addition to being sick & losing weight has caused my abs to come out. This is terribly exciting. I even appear to have a thigh gap, which 8-year-old me would be thrilled with.

Used to think yoga was glorified stretching, and while it is, there’s also plenty of lunging and pushups. I’m also beginning to see workouts as luxuries I can do for myself, much like a spa day but without feeling fat and bad, which is leading to an endorphin addiction. I am happy with this development. Finding nearby classes on ClassPass is more exciting than looking at profiles on Hinge. Looking forward to keeping it up and #livingmybestlife.

Sunday nights in my kitchen

FullSizeRender 6

Finally got my elastics in the mail and dusted off these 10+year old babies. I’m not sure if they were mine or my sister’s, because they fit kind of funkily. My feet are super weak (not over the toe box at all as you can see) and my big toes started dying after less than a minute.

But this will be fun. I’ve been dancing on and off over the past year, and I might as well go for the full wish fulfillment ;)

Signed up for Half #3

Signed up for a super affordable June run in Lynch Canyon. It’s only $30 if you register before the end of March, and the proceeds benefit The Solano Land Trust, a non-profit organization that preserves and protects open space in Solano County!

I did it an effort to encourage my family to run, but I need the motivation badly as well. In futurespect, oh my god it’s going to be hot – all the pictures look the same: people running on yellow grassy hills.

I’m thirsty and sweating just looking at these pictures.

Training for a half the “third” time around (the second time shouldn’t count) is less scary but just as challenging mentally, because things that used to be easy are suddenly hard and painful. That’s what happens when you get out of shape.

I’ve restarted tracking my mileage with dailymile, and begun recording some ballet workouts on there as well.

Recap: Coyote Hills Half Marathon 2014

I registered for this half marathon as a birthday present to myself but I managed to run 0 times in the four preceding weeks. At my first half, there was wine tasting at the finish. At this one, there were Its-it ice cream sandwiches. I’d like to thank my high school English teachers for the ability to see the foreshadowing on this one.

Saturday 01/25/2014 | Newark | 9am
Race Number: 276
Elapsed time: 2:38:07 (12:02/mile. Just… shhhh)
Temperature: cool-warm-hot
Division Place (all half-marathoners): 332/410

7AM – Wake up. Do I need sunscreen? Nahhhhh
8AM – Oops. Should have left twenty minutes ago.
8:15AM – Is that the line for the shuttle?
8:18AM – Is THAT the line for the shuttle!?!?!?
8:36AM – Welp. I’m going to be late. – wait, half-marathoners to the front?
8:47AM – ohgodohgodohgodregisterwhereistheregistrationbooth
8:59AM – Thank goodness, I’m at the start. … …I need to pee.

Later I found out there’d been coffee at the start on which I’d missed out. Darn!
Here’s a rundown of my thoughts during the race:

Mile 1 This course is too crowded. All these people are passing me. It’s okay, I’m in it for the long haul.

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

looking slightly gazelle-ish at the bottom of this photo in Mile 1

Mile 2 I haven’t even run two miles yet? That’s okay, that’s okay, remember that you like miles 4-8 best. And remember how great you felt miles 9-13 in your marathon? You’re gooooood
Mile 3 I need to pee.
Mile 4 I need to pee.
Mile 5 Excuse me, is there a bathroom on the course? No? Hahahahahaha
Mile 6 I need to pee.
Mile 7 We’re supposed to run up that hill?

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

Preliminary results from Coyote “Hills” Half Marathon: F.M.L.

Mile 8 Miles 4-8 were NOT my good miles, and that water and those oreos that I’ve been refusing at the aid stations are starting to look very, very good.
Mile 9 Can I walk?
Mile 10 Walking is fun.
Mile 11 Am I having a mini picnic with water, oreos, and kettle chips? Yes, yes I am.

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

You can see the pain/laziness on my face.

Mile 12 Okay now both of my calves are cramping up something fierce and each time they seize up, I stumble, so yup I’m continuing to walk.
Mile 13 Can this be over?

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

full-on land whale at the finish.

Like I said, they had Its-it ice cream sandwiches, among other things.

Body check-in:
Chafing: None.
Sun Damage: None visible, little/no tan lines despite no sun block. Thank you winter sun.
Injuries: None. Both of my knees were feeling something, but they were okay.
Soreness: Very sore the two following days, though it didn’t help I went horseback riding the day after. This time I actually got the massage races usually have at their finish lines which I think really helped out my calves.

For the love of [anything], do your freaking training. Just do it.*

*brought to you by Nike**
**Just kidding, this is obviously not brought to you by Nike.

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It does not look like the fire trails are happening. Recently I’ve been moving my workouts to be more strength-based rather than cardio-based. I just like that feeling I get after I’ve pumped iron because I feel like I’m growing muscles!

Also, my report card does not look quite as excellent as the one from the first week. It’s still good, but it’s just not 7 days anymore. I’m still struggling to find that sweet spot for exercise, where it’s not too much but not too little. There’s also that other factor of being really busy with preparations for going abroad.

In related news, this weekend I bought three pairs of running pants for Senegal! I like running in shorts best, but apparently they’re indecent outside of America. Although I think I’ll need to wear shorts over these “pants” anyway because they’re really … tight.

Anyway, two of the pants have a fabulous butt pocket in which I can store keys or cards! I can’t help but adore bright new workout gear, even though “real” runners probably don’t care about that stuff.

Report card: Week 1

I worked out every single day this week!
For tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment before work, so instead of doing weights, I’ll spend my lunch break doing Body Toning with Shane! I’m excited!!

I also hope that I’m really sore tomorrow and Tuesday from today’s bike ride! Kathy, Furai, and I did the bike-to-Sausalito ride that everyone does, but we also biked back instead of taking the ferry. Saved us $10.50! But riding those uphills was pretty difficult, and I felt flashes of “lactic acid” (sourness), so hopefully I’ll feel it tomorrow!

I. am. so. sore.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. I don’t know if it was because I packed in so many workouts so close together or if it’s because I’m just that out of shape.

After running a warmup this morning (I woke up so late that it was either shower or run), all I did was go to the zoo and every step was painful. The most obvious parts were my hamstrings, inner thighs, butt (my butt is never sore!), and deltoids. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day, although I’m still spending the whole day on my feet in the city and then coming home to a hike.

I would like a butt massage please.

Also, I have a secondary goal for these five weeks: get my mileage back up to where my toenails are falling off (aka run the length of the fire trail at least once a week).

Getting back in shape

Obviously I fell off of the fitness wagon for awhile, but I’m getting back on. I have five weeks until I leave for Senegal, and I want to be in the best shape I can be before then.

M | 7a swimming/weights
T | 7a running | 645p kickboxing
W | 7a swimming/weights
T | 7a running | 645 kickboxing
F | 9a kickboxing and abs&back
S | 7a running
S | rest

I’m remembering how delicious salad greens are. Over the past two days I’ve demolished 3 pounds of spring greens, and I want to keep up this green trend until I leave, especially since I won’t have the luxury of frequently eating fresh vegetables in Senegal and Europe, and possibly even China.

I also really want to remove white carbs/starches in general as much as possible since that’s all I’ll be eating for the next year.

MENTAL [loving myself/body is a temple/allowing little luxuries]
I’m sleeping at 11pm every night unless there is an important social event (moderation).
I’m flossing and putting on my retainers every night.
I’m drinking water with lemon slices.
I’m putting on lotion all over my entire body after every shower.


Ran 3 miles today, ran 3 miles yesterday, on my routine Rockridge route.

Only felt a little pain in my right knee! Pain increased a little today though, so I’ll try not to run tomorrow. It feels like I’ve gotten out of a wheelchair for the first time in months, so free, so happy.

Running is such a great emotional release. I think the impetus for this reentry into running is that I want something in particular right now that I haven’t wanted for four months. Running lets me submerge myself in that want but also cleanses its desperation from my brain.

I’ve also been listening to Lana Del Rey’s “sadcore” music and I get so lost in the music, it’s as if while I run I can truly feel the music – like the way I feel when I cover songs. It just gives you a new or more intense way to experience the emotions in a song.