Monthly Archives: February 2012


I had the craziest dream about running last night.

The premise was that we (my family) had to make these epic migrations. I can’t remember how we started out doing them, but I definitely remember trying to fit enough clothes to weather the conditions into one backpack, so I think that at some points the migration was on foot or at least some sort of open/public transportation.

On one of the migrations, which was towards my extended family, my dad was being annoying, so my sister and I hopped out of the car, which looked like an armored car by then. And then we ran.

I remember that for footwear all I had on was a pair of tights and a threadbare pair of socks over those. But since it was a dream, my feet never felt the burn of concrete. And I could run quite fast without feeling truly winded.

It was the most amazing feeling. We were carrying absolutely nothing. After crossing the Golden Gate, we drank water from the drinking fountain and used the public restroom, because it was getting hot. They were selling North Face vests that were like.. upgrades. The normal ones cost 30 and the ones that were supposed to be like a shell cost 70. I was debating between buying one of those (irrational; we weren’t carrying any money) and figuring out how to contact our parents about our whereabouts, because we had hundreds (thousands?) of miles to go and by the time we reached our destination they’d be insane.

But then I woke up. All we got to run in was the suburbs (I remember jaywalking towards a plaza) and over the Golden Gate Bridge (even though the setting of the other migrations was definitely not in this universe) before I woke up. :(

And then I weighed myself and I had gained a shitton of weight from being sedentary and eating a lot, so the dream of being airy when I run came crashing down.


Sore & Not-Gazelling

I haven’t been running much lately (maybe twice a week?). I don’t know how I’m going to do 20 HILLY miles!

I did a bodyweight workout on Sunday in a residential parking lot after I cut my run short and my hamstrings/calves/biceps are still massively sore – and it’s Wednesday!

I have no real updates. My default pace has at least improved – it’s definitely under 10 minutes/mile, which is about a minute’s improvement! But… I think I’m slowing down again because I’ve been so lazy. And overwhelmed with school and future plans!