Double dip

woke up sore from lulu yoga yesterday morning — not sure if good workout or just temporarily unfit

AM – diving

woke up at 5am to drive down to Pt Lobos. It was misting onto the car. It was so cold. I was dreading getting colder, but I was wearing way more neoprene this time and my feet were only slightly asleep. Dove with 14lbs and a steel tank. First dive I was all over the place, much better control the second time. Only dove to 40 ft. Saw white and yellow nudibranchs, some giant starfish and fish, fluorescently blue “sea lettuce” (my words), orange brittle stars (I think), sponges, anenomes, purple sea urchins…


PM – surfing

drove up to santa cruz, got in the water maybe 4, 4:30pm, maybe tide at 4 ft but it was pretty high, surf all the way up to the bottom of the staircase. caught a couple long rides but also totally got in other people’s way… first thing i did getting into the water was to try to cool down the wax on my board as a wave came in, which ended with the wave knocking me over and then the board knocking me under the chin #kook4life. Also thought I was prepared with board, leash, suit, wax, recognition that I didn’t have a wax comb, but I forgot fresh water to wash my board off, and forgot that my non-waterproof key couldn’t be put in my nonexistant wetsuit pocket. So I wrapped it in plastic and stuck it by my ribcage. Actually worked perfectly.



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