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Recap: Berkeley and Oakland Hills Street Scramble 2011

Yesterday was my first urban orienteering event! I did it with three of my floormates from my first year. And I have to say that after doing this event with them, it’s really dawned on me how special they are to me :). (Not just because not anyone would be down for waking up before 8 on a Saturday to run around for three hours).

We got there right when registration opened and got to planning right away. I’ve been so used to people who just sit back and let others do the work; team KAFKA, though, was here to win. ;)

Mapping out our route

WE WON FIRST PLACE!! (in our division). Unfortunately not overall. Part of it was that this was our first time and a group of four is unwieldy; the other part was that we wasted over a third of our time to get a measly 60 points (our overall score was 500). You see, there was one 60-pointer and we foolishly went for it, not taking seriously the topographic wiggles that were radiating from that point.

It was a long, STEEP, climb. Let me just say this: nobody else did the 60-pointer.

At that point, we decided to stop running to win and to instead simply enjoy the view and experience. :)

Because the view was actually worth it.

Seriously the most amazing view I’ve seen in the Bay Area – obviously the picture doesn’t capture it very well, but we could see all of Berkeley and some of Oakland laid out, as well as the Bay, and … it was wonderful and worth the loss.

I was a little bit silly/naive/dumb and did my 20-miler the day before this event. I thought I’d be okay because I’d recovered within an hour for my 18-miler. Well… on the morning of the Street Scramble, I was still feeling the pain. I think the difference was that half of my 18-miler was done on the hilly trails, and possibly done slower. In any case, by the time we were done with our three hours, not only was I tired, but my toes and ankles were REALLY hurting, and I felt an unfamiliar twinge under my left heel.

What this pain meant was that I was allowed to pig out as much as I wanted. :)

I know it’s navel-gazing to take pictures of what you eat, but just look at how disgusting we were :)

We were quite pleased with our disgustingness. :D


SO WORTH IT! I can’t wait to do this with them again!

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