Monthly Archives: May 2012


Ran 3 miles today, ran 3 miles yesterday, on my routine Rockridge route.

Only felt a little pain in my right knee! Pain increased a little today though, so I’ll try not to run tomorrow. It feels like I’ve gotten out of a wheelchair for the first time in months, so free, so happy.

Running is such a great emotional release. I think the impetus for this reentry into running is that I want something in particular right now that I haven’t wanted for four months. Running lets me submerge myself in that want but also cleanses its desperation from my brain.

I’ve also been listening to Lana Del Rey’s “sadcore” music and I get so lost in the music, it’s as if while I run I can truly feel the music – like the way I feel when I cover songs. It just gives you a new or more intense way to experience the emotions in a song.