Monthly Archives: January 2012

Running in the Cold

I’ve been running less and less now that I’m not preparing for an event. I simply must sign up for that one in April.

In other news, it’s my first time running in cold weather… and I can see why runners have special tights or what-have-you for this purpose. It’s not because they’re necessarily cold, but that one’s skin can start feeling like it’s burning from the cold and wind chill. I need to pick up a pair of earmuffs from Daiso and start checking out running tights or arm warmers.

I also got legitimately lost while running up in Northside this morning, a product from not running in that area for too long. Fortunately my smartphone is my new iPod so I was able to use GPS to find my way back home!

About running in Seattle – we stayed near the University, not in downtown, so it really wasn’t much different than running in Berkeley. That area is hilly and has cute cottages and roundabouts, etc. It was nice running in a new area and looking with fresh eyes though. I also did feel quite badass because I was running at night and it was COLD and my breath was coming out like dragon breath. Everyone I passed had multiple layers on while I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.



My knee is still killing the shit out of my running. I can go a couple miles before I have to stop and then not run for the next few days. But honestly it’s also been my lack of sports bras that has been stopping my running.

I am excited to run around in Seattle though. !!! I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Hello New Year! I am determined to not let ipod-lessness, and missing sports bras, and injuries derail me from my running. My favorite post from last year’s dailymile:

I think it was more than 3 hours… I think I have to find a flatter trail, this takes everything out of me. Highs and Lows:
High: on the first downhill, started planning my dream vacation
Low: on the second uphill, legs were screaming DO NOT WANT
Low: the second downhill, could not find my happy place. even downhill was really bad
Low: saw two 200+-pound women. contemplated benefits of obesity
High: saw person in a wheelchair. wondered why I was whining
High: sprinted it down Durant.