Monthly Archives: August 2012


It does not look like the fire trails are happening. Recently I’ve been moving my workouts to be more strength-based rather than cardio-based. I just like that feeling I get after I’ve pumped iron because I feel like I’m growing muscles!

Also, my report card does not look quite as excellent as the one from the first week. It’s still good, but it’s just not 7 days anymore. I’m still struggling to find that sweet spot for exercise, where it’s not too much but not too little. There’s also that other factor of being really busy with preparations for going abroad.

In related news, this weekend I bought three pairs of running pants for Senegal! I like running in shorts best, but apparently they’re indecent outside of America. Although I think I’ll need to wear shorts over these “pants” anyway because they’re really … tight.

Anyway, two of the pants have a fabulous butt pocket in which I can store keys or cards! I can’t help but adore bright new workout gear, even though “real” runners probably don’t care about that stuff.