Monthly Archives: March 2015

Signed up for Half #3

Signed up for a super affordable June run in Lynch Canyon. It’s only $30 if you register before the end of March, and the proceeds benefit The Solano Land Trust, a non-profit organization that preserves and protects open space in Solano County!

I did it an effort to encourage my family to run, but I need the motivation badly as well. In futurespect, oh my god it’s going to be hot – all the pictures look the same: people running on yellow grassy hills.

I’m thirsty and sweating just looking at these pictures.

Training for a half the “third” time around (the second time shouldn’t count) is less scary but just as challenging mentally, because things that used to be easy are suddenly hard and painful. That’s what happens when you get out of shape.

I’ve restarted tracking my mileage with dailymile, and begun recording some ballet workouts on there as well.