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My knee is injured

I guess it was fortunate that the event sold out, because my left knee is really killing me. I was feeling extremely lardy carby today after having eaten a large piece(s) of baguette, so I went out to go on a nice, relaxed evening run. Except I couldn’t even make it more than a few paces before a searing pain ran through my knee! I barely feel it when I walk or palpate, but – augh! Even though I told myself ’twas but a flesh wound (since I’d just banged it, it had to be, right?), I barely made it two blocks, pausing every five seconds, before I just had to turn around.


Please get better!!


Half-marathon SOLD OUT!!

AUGH!!! The perils of not registering enough ahead of time! I was waiting until the last minute to decide whether or not to run it – first my ankle was bothering me, then my fitness, and then I banged my knee extremely hard against the metal bunk bed ladder and it felt bad deep inside while I was running until I remembered I’d banged it –

so I’d finally decided that I’d register and I go on the website and Zombierunner Bay Trail is SOLD OUT!!!! THE FRUSTRATION!!!!

I am facepalming so hard right now.

That’s okay. I’ll just have to do Coyote Hills in January. Hills are better than a flat course, right? It would have been embarrassing to not do under 2:00 on a flat course because of my bad fitness; if I don’t go under at Coyote Hills at least I can blame the hills.

In other news, after reading You are an Ironman, I’ve had a strange urge to legitimately research how to complete an Ironman…


(and other non-gazellelike-animals-ing)

I haven’t been updating… because I haven’t been running.

At first I was agitated without running – I really wanted to run, but my ankle was truly worrying me. And then I got into Lard Mode, which is when I start eating fatty things when I’m not hungry and avoid tight-fitting clothing. And then someone stole my iPod and I was just like, :(.

This morning I finished the last of my Klondike bars* and a cheese quesadilla and felt HORRIBLE. However, I had begun to read the books I’d checked out from Berkeley Public Library, and midway through a chapter of You are an Ironman, I put the book down, wrapped my keys around my hand, and slapped on my shoes.

I didn’t know how long I wanted to go, but I was feeling good (extremely not-hungry, that is) and decided to go into the fire trails.

To make a long story short, it feels good to be back.

-I ran past many frat houses and the frat boys that sat on them (really, it was weird, I’ve never noticed so many frat boys sitting ON random parts of their houses)
-The fire trails looked different, since it’d been about two months since I ran them/it
-The wind was as I’d never experienced, rustling through the leaves almost terrifyingly loudly. But it was nice and I could feel it on my feet through my shoes’ meshy uppers. At one point when I was running downhill, I lifted my arms up as if I were a kid. Freedom!
-A dog ran beside me for about three seconds – it was fun! It must be nice to run with a dog, to have a companion, but not worry about whether your companion thinks you are too fast or slow
-I started not-jogging running when I was almost done, and this girl was like, “yeah, speed it up girl!” I sprinted at full speed for all of one second, then found I could hardly breathe at a slow jog.

*Jeff caught me walking ashamedly out of Walgreens with my four-pack. “Just Klondike bars? Just Klondike bars?” Later I was appalled when I read the side of the packaging: “Artificially Flavored Vanilla** Light Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate Flavored Coating.” Holy shit. Talk about “food.”
**beaver sac secretion…