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Recap: Morgan Hill Marathon 2011

Sunday 10/23/2011 | Morgan Hill | 7:30am
Race Number: 800
Elapsed time: 4:38:07 (gah)
Temperature: 91F (gah!!)
Divison Place (all marathoners): 263/709

So… I finally did it! There’s so much to cover, but I want to get this recap done in a reasonable period of time, so it’s going to be imperfect.


2:xxAM – ask myself why I am still awake. Go to bed.
4:45 – woken by alarm. Fall back asleep.
5:20 – Dad is outside and waiting. SHIII-
5:25 – stumble into car. Sleep.
6:30 – stumble out of car. Shiver because it’s freezing and I had < 3 hours of sleep.

I had my bib mailed ahead of time, which made things more convenient but took out some of the anticipation for waiting to see what my race number would be. There was no food or coffee beforehand! Everything was dark and freezing. I applied many, many layers of sunblock. My dad told me I still had streaks of it on my face, which only induced me to apply more at the last minute (literally), in an effort to create a mask.

Spoiler: It got hot quickly.

Miles 1-10
These miles were heavenly. I talked to people, complimented people on their outfits, waved at people. I smiled at the volunteers, and helped the 4:40 pacer hold her backpack (with her pacing sign stuck in it!) while she fiddled with something. Eventually I ran past her because she was using the Galloway run/walk method. I caught up to and passed the 4:25 pacers. It was hard holding myself back… I felt awesomez!!

Miles 10-15
I was starting to feel a little bit fatigued, but not badly. I did end up thinking that it would’ve been wonderful to be running the half because I’d be done already. Started getting hot. Started drinking water. My ankle started whining a little bit, and the camber and hills of the road were getting bothersome.

Miles 16-20
Oh god. It was so hot. I began taking two waters and a gatorade at every water stop. I checked my iPod for the time for the first time – damn, I could make 4:30 with time to spare!

Miles 20-22
I don’t quite remember this. So hot. Crap. Was too hot and tired to care. Panicked a little bit about heart damage due to undertraining, after I’d already promised myself not to panic about such things.

Miles 23-24
So much walking. Everything just kind of fell apart. I felt like I’d forgotten how to run. I’d try, and my feet would pick up for twenty seconds, and then turn into a shuffle. Actually though, I really wasn’t even that tired – it was just that the walking felt so damn good that I couldn’t stop. The 4:25 pacers passed me.

One of the medics drove past me, yelled out, “are you okay?” and then drove backwards and yelled again, “are you okay?!” Whoops. I guess my miserable-face looked a lot more miserable than everyone else’s.

Also along here, there were two young people holding a small pitcher of ICE-COLD water (the water everywhere else had long turned lukewarm). We were running through a residential area, they weren’t wearing volunteering shirts, and they didn’t have one of those water booths.. I thought they were ANGELS. ANGELS. I hope they could hear the desperate thankfulness in my voice when I accepted a cup of water from them.

Also got pissed because the cop doing traffic for the marathon held me for at LEAST seven seconds… which means the thing should really say 4:37:xx. :/ Or I could’ve not been a lazyass.

Mile 25
It turns out I still did have energy in my legs, because I ran this whole last part. :| I did cramp up pretty badly in my stomach, and started groaning, but I was definitely moving.

Sweet, sweet relief! (I was smiling because I was chicking some guy and a random female spectator was egging me on)

They had towels soaked in ice cold water for us to put around our necks because it was effing hot.

Body check-in:
Chafing: I only chafed in the tramp stamp area. All SOFFE shorts have a ridge underneath the label in this area and I have a small red stripe there.
Sun Damage: None visible. I put on a LOT of sunblock. I actually didn’t end up with any tan lines!
Injuries: My right ankle has been messed up ever since I severely sprained it in second grade. I could barely walk on Monday, and it’s still a little swollen today (Friday). I don’t know what’s wrong. Tendinitis?
Soreness: Barely anything the following week… I clearly didn’t try hard enough.

this is the leftovers of my sunblock mask, after 5 hours of baking

I should’ve run faster. I had no blisters, no major injuries (although my wonky right ankle was complaining), and was in a good place for my “womanly cycles.”
The support was amazing. I’m smiling in my finish line photo because a female spectator was cheering me on to go faster because the guy behind me was getting close to passing.
I’m really glad I did this, but I remember distinctly thinking around miles 20-26: “WHAT. THE. WHAT. WERE YOU THINKING. UGH. JUST MAKE IT STOP.”
So.. I’m not sure whether I should do the Grizzly Peak marathon in April (hint: Grizzly PEAK). Because I won’t be able to finish that one in 4:30, which will make me all sorts of depressed. Though it would make me stronger for another one down the road…
Right, so I’d said I’d be happy with any time under 5:00, but yeah, I am so not happy with my time. I could feeeeel the sub-4:30, it was right there, and I just gave up! MUST. IMPROVE!!!!!!

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