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I am such a vulgirl.

Vulgirl is a name my old apartment coined – it’s a combination of vulgar and girl, and has some hononymity with Vulcan. It was a slur we would throw at each other when we were being creepy, dirty, disgusting, … vulgar.

So I might regret posting this up at some point in the future, but I am so GOSH DARN PROUD of my hardcoreness (?). You see, my first toenail has officially fallen off!

runner's toe, losing a toenail

Look at the physical beauty of my toes. No, seriously though. It took hard work to get them to look like this!

I definitely sped up the process, excitedly wiggling it like the loose baby tooth it was.

However, the tips of my toes really hurt during dance class today. So I’m going to have to learn how to burn those bloodletting holes in my toenails…

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Learning about my Body: Runner’s Toe

So I have 3ish runner’s toes right now (I swear my shoes are big enough; I think it’s the downhill running). I haven’t been doing anything to them because I thought they’d just turn purple and then heal. I kept reading about toenails falling off but mine seemed to be firmly attached, so I just ignored that part. Well, just right now, I’ve realized that my first runner’s toe, the one I got over a month ago from my first half, is… loose. I can wiggle it like a baby tooth. I’ve never lost a fingernail or toenail before, so this is quite exciting, but I’m also a bit alarmed – I might have a fourth runner’s toe in the works and it looks like I’m going to have a lot of toenails falling off.

TMI TMI TMI OMFGWTFBBQ? Sorry if it is, but I think it’s pretty cool :P

I’ve got to do some reading about when to “relieve the pressure” in order to save my toenails by burning a hole in my toenail. I’m frankly quite a bit more scared about this remedy than nails falling off – by the time my toes turn purple, they’re no longer in pain, so when do I burn the hole?

Heehee. Okay I’ll stop…

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Okay, I must be doing something right because I’ve hit STARVING mode on all of my runs the past week, whereas running over a mile used to make me throwup-nauseous.  The thing is though, is that I really like the feeling of running with a flat stomach.  And I even drink about three glasses of water before I go on my runs.  Maybe it just runs through my system that quickly?

Still, I’m starting to get so hungry (and earlier in my runs) that it’s starting to become distracting to the point of being my main focus.  I’m going to experiment with taking just ONE bite of something “sticky” (aka high in protein/fiber) and see if it quiets my stomach just a little.

runner's toes

Update on my rainbow toes. You’re SO welcome!

My left second-toe is still healing from the half-marathon; it probably turned black because my left foot is 1/2 size larger than my right.  My right third-toe is black from running downhill on the fire trails, and my right fourth-toe is beginning to darken from the same (my right  fourth toe is actually about the length of my third toe).  All of my toenails are keratinizing (?), and all the tips of my toes are callusing.

So now you know WAY TOO MUCH about my feet. :D

Ballet starts today; I do not think I’m bringing my pointe shoes. ;)  I’m still 8th on the waiting list, oh please oh please let me in!

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School’s starting!

“Stay in the moment,” Carrozza says. “And remember: It will be over with soon, and once it’s over, you’ll own it forever.”


On Friday I did 16 miles, P90X, and Insanity. I am still sore.

Maybe I’m just imagining it, but when I look at my abs in the mirror I swear I can see more definition than before.

During my rest days, I think about running and get excited.  This is great :)

This week I’ll be starting my jazz and ballet classes.  I’m so excited!  I put on a leotard today for the first time in years. I am slightly worried that the class will be above my abilities because I haven’t danced in so long, and especially not in my adult body.  I did bring back a pair of pointe shoes to Berkeley, but I don’t know if I’m going to use them because I don’t have my padding and my toes already look like this from running:

You’re welcome!

Haha, just when my feet start healing from years of dance and figure skating abuse, I make them all ugly again.  I just hope I don’t offend anyone when I wear sandals :P

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