Monthly Archives: March 2012

Runner’s Knee II

It’s only been about 2 days since I’ve had this pain, but I’m really starting to get depressed. Without the ability to run far distances, I feel as if all of my independence/strength is gone. I know that that is an exaggeration, but knowing this isn’t helping how I’m feeling. I can’t even walk down stairs without pain.

However, the pain is lessening since I’ve been off my feet all day. I really want it to get better – I was so excited to run along the beach in Santa Cruz this weekend – and in the cold foggy morning, alone! – that would have been so beautiful.

Please please please! At least let me run barefoot in the sand!


Runner’s Knee

I definitely have it. Hopefully it’s in the early stages and it’ll go away soon. But the inside (medial) side of of my knee feels a sort of sharp bruisey feeling, and I can see a small swelling there (it’s not a bruise though, folks). At least the position of the pain tells me it’s not ITBS, which has felled many a runner.

This is what I get for delaying training for my 30k until now and then expecting to pick back up at 30mpw from 5mpw.

First of all, I need to rest. Secondly, I’m going to stop wearing my flip flops, which I think contribute to my knee pain because of the way I’ve worn them down – so I’ll try to stick to my converses… I barely have any everyday shoes. Damn, I wish I had the fashion guts/money to wear Vibrams all day every day.

How will I exercise in place of running? Right now it’s 5:41 am, it’s winter-cold, and swimming seems extremely unappealing.

Please let me get better in time for my foolish registrations!!

Races in 2012

In a fit of competitiveness and determination and foolishness, I signed up for a marathon exactly two months away.

What was I thinking?!!??!

I am not going to be ready to run 26 miles in 2 months. I am also not going to be ready to run a hilly 30k in one month. I’ve had what was pretty much a 4-month hiatus from running and running the firetrails leaves me sore! Sore! Both of my knees and both of my ankles flare up after every single run and stay that way throughout the rest of the day while I’m walking. These signs tell me to run less so that I can build up.

But the longest runs I’ve done since my marathon have been 10 miles. Clearly undertraining at this stage of the game. And my threshold of pain has gone down so much because the first time around, you’re willing to hurt more because you don’t know what you’re doing.

So… my second marathon might be slower than my first. My god. And the 30k? I just want to finish.

Running at Night

the sky is pigmented watercolor, inky, sapphire, cobalt, ultramarine, midnight – there are so many names for shades of blue and the sky is all of them. now i’m next to Underhill and the bright white lights are starbursting through my eyelashes and my eyesight is so blurry. each breath feels like a butter knife stirring through my soft respiratory organs. the walkway is so wide and white…

My favorite time to run is actually not the early morning, but twilight/dusk. Something about the darkness really affords a chance to… well, meditate seems to be the closest word for it. When it’s dark, I don’t have to worry about how far my destination is because the only thing I can see is a hazy yellowish road that only reaches fifty feet. All that’s there is me and the ground directly in front of me. And with the power of my sight diminished, I become more aware of the sensations in my body. And then it’s just me in that moment.

I’ve also noticed that I like listening to different kinds of music depending on what time I’m running. While during the day I like to listen to upbeat, aggressive songs, at night I love listening to trance and dubstep. I just feel so chilled out, so relaxed. I get so lost in in the gentle coolness surrounding me. And then if the night is combined with an indiscernable downhill grade – the perfect grade during which you wonder why you suddenly feel so fast and weightless – wow.

*running alone at night in poorly lit areas with your headphones in is anĀ extremely bad idea