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Recap: Coyote Hills Half Marathon 2014

I registered for this half marathon as a birthday present to myself but I managed to run 0 times in the four preceding weeks. At my first half, there was wine tasting at the finish. At this one, there were Its-it ice cream sandwiches. I’d like to thank my high school English teachers for the ability to see the foreshadowing on this one.

Saturday 01/25/2014 | Newark | 9am
Race Number: 276
Elapsed time: 2:38:07 (12:02/mile. Just… shhhh)
Temperature: cool-warm-hot
Division Place (all half-marathoners): 332/410

7AM – Wake up. Do I need sunscreen? Nahhhhh
8AM – Oops. Should have left twenty minutes ago.
8:15AM – Is that the line for the shuttle?
8:18AM – Is THAT the line for the shuttle!?!?!?
8:36AM – Welp. I’m going to be late. – wait, half-marathoners to the front?
8:47AM – ohgodohgodohgodregisterwhereistheregistrationbooth
8:59AM – Thank goodness, I’m at the start. … …I need to pee.

Later I found out there’d been coffee at the start on which I’d missed out. Darn!
Here’s a rundown of my thoughts during the race:

Mile 1 This course is too crowded. All these people are passing me. It’s okay, I’m in it for the long haul.

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

looking slightly gazelle-ish at the bottom of this photo in Mile 1

Mile 2 I haven’t even run two miles yet? That’s okay, that’s okay, remember that you like miles 4-8 best. And remember how great you felt miles 9-13 in your marathon? You’re gooooood
Mile 3 I need to pee.
Mile 4 I need to pee.
Mile 5 Excuse me, is there a bathroom on the course? No? Hahahahahaha
Mile 6 I need to pee.
Mile 7 We’re supposed to run up that hill?

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

Preliminary results from Coyote “Hills” Half Marathon: F.M.L.

Mile 8 Miles 4-8 were NOT my good miles, and that water and those oreos that I’ve been refusing at the aid stations are starting to look very, very good.
Mile 9 Can I walk?
Mile 10 Walking is fun.
Mile 11 Am I having a mini picnic with water, oreos, and kettle chips? Yes, yes I am.

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

You can see the pain/laziness on my face.

Mile 12 Okay now both of my calves are cramping up something fierce and each time they seize up, I stumble, so yup I’m continuing to walk.
Mile 13 Can this be over?

Coyote Hills Half Marathon

full-on land whale at the finish.

Like I said, they had Its-it ice cream sandwiches, among other things.

Body check-in:
Chafing: None.
Sun Damage: None visible, little/no tan lines despite no sun block. Thank you winter sun.
Injuries: None. Both of my knees were feeling something, but they were okay.
Soreness: Very sore the two following days, though it didn’t help I went horseback riding the day after. This time I actually got the massage races usually have at their finish lines which I think really helped out my calves.

For the love of [anything], do your freaking training. Just do it.*

*brought to you by Nike**
**Just kidding, this is obviously not brought to you by Nike.

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