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I am such a vulgirl.

Vulgirl is a name my old apartment coined – it’s a combination of vulgar and girl, and has some hononymity with Vulcan. It was a slur we would throw at each other when we were being creepy, dirty, disgusting, … vulgar.

So I might regret posting this up at some point in the future, but I am so GOSH DARN PROUD of my hardcoreness (?). You see, my first toenail has officially fallen off!

runner's toe, losing a toenail

Look at the physical beauty of my toes. No, seriously though. It took hard work to get them to look like this!

I definitely sped up the process, excitedly wiggling it like the loose baby tooth it was.

However, the tips of my toes really hurt during dance class today. So I’m going to have to learn how to burn those bloodletting holes in my toenails…

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