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Report card: Week 1

I worked out every single day this week!
For tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment before work, so instead of doing weights, I’ll spend my lunch break doing Body Toning with Shane! I’m excited!!

I also hope that I’m really sore tomorrow and Tuesday from today’s bike ride! Kathy, Furai, and I did the bike-to-Sausalito ride that everyone does, but we also biked back instead of taking the ferry. Saved us $10.50! But riding those uphills was pretty difficult, and I felt flashes of “lactic acid” (sourness), so hopefully I’ll feel it tomorrow!


I. am. so. sore.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. I don’t know if it was because I packed in so many workouts so close together or if it’s because I’m just that out of shape.

After running a warmup this morning (I woke up so late that it was either shower or run), all I did was go to the zoo and every step was painful. The most obvious parts were my hamstrings, inner thighs, butt (my butt is never sore!), and deltoids. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day, although I’m still spending the whole day on my feet in the city and then coming home to a hike.

I would like a butt massage please.

Also, I have a secondary goal for these five weeks: get my mileage back up to where my toenails are falling off (aka run the length of the fire trail at least once a week).

Getting back in shape

Obviously I fell off of the fitness wagon for awhile, but I’m getting back on. I have five weeks until I leave for Senegal, and I want to be in the best shape I can be before then.

M | 7a swimming/weights
T | 7a running | 645p kickboxing
W | 7a swimming/weights
T | 7a running | 645 kickboxing
F | 9a kickboxing and abs&back
S | 7a running
S | rest

I’m remembering how delicious salad greens are. Over the past two days I’ve demolished 3 pounds of spring greens, and I want to keep up this green trend until I leave, especially since I won’t have the luxury of frequently eating fresh vegetables in Senegal and Europe, and possibly even China.

I also really want to remove white carbs/starches in general as much as possible since that’s all I’ll be eating for the next year.

MENTAL [loving myself/body is a temple/allowing little luxuries]
I’m sleeping at 11pm every night unless there is an important social event (moderation).
I’m flossing and putting on my retainers every night.
I’m drinking water with lemon slices.
I’m putting on lotion all over my entire body after every shower.