Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Runner’s Knee II

It’s only been about 2 days since I’ve had this pain, but I’m really starting to get depressed. Without the ability to run far distances, I feel as if all of my independence/strength is gone. I know that that is an exaggeration, but knowing this isn’t helping how I’m feeling. I can’t even walk down stairs without pain.

However, the pain is lessening since I’ve been off my feet all day. I really want it to get better – I was so excited to run along the beach in Santa Cruz this weekend – and in the cold foggy morning, alone! – that would have been so beautiful.

Please please please! At least let me run barefoot in the sand!


Runner’s Knee

I definitely have it. Hopefully it’s in the early stages and it’ll go away soon. But the inside (medial) side of of my knee feels a sort of sharp bruisey feeling, and I can see a small swelling there (it’s not a bruise though, folks). At least the position of the pain tells me it’s not ITBS, which has felled many a runner.

This is what I get for delaying training for my 30k until now and then expecting to pick back up at 30mpw from 5mpw.

First of all, I need to rest. Secondly, I’m going to stop wearing my flip flops, which I think contribute to my knee pain because of the way I’ve worn them down – so I’ll try to stick to my converses… I barely have any everyday shoes. Damn, I wish I had the fashion guts/money to wear Vibrams all day every day.

How will I exercise in place of running? Right now it’s 5:41 am, it’s winter-cold, and swimming seems extremely unappealing.

Please let me get better in time for my foolish registrations!!