Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Races in 2012

In a fit of competitiveness and determination and foolishness, I signed up for a marathon exactly two months away.

What was I thinking?!!??!

I am not going to be ready to run 26 miles in 2 months. I am also not going to be ready to run a hilly 30k in one month. I’ve had what was pretty much a 4-month hiatus from running and running the firetrails leaves me sore! Sore! Both of my knees and both of my ankles flare up after every single run and stay that way throughout the rest of the day while I’m walking. These signs tell me to run less so that I can build up.

But the longest runs I’ve done since my marathon have been 10 miles. Clearly undertraining at this stage of the game. And my threshold of pain has gone down so much because the first time around, you’re willing to hurt more because you don’t know what you’re doing.

So… my second marathon might be slower than my first. My god. And the 30k? I just want to finish.